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KPI Scorecard EN - Marketing Specialist

"Your Complete KPI Set for Successful Strategy Implementation”

You will get the KML KPI scorecard which is populated with the following KPI details:

Position title | Objective | KPI name | KPI description | KPI formula | KPI typical frequency | KPI polarity | KPI unit | Typical Data source

"Save effort, time, and money by obtaining already proven KPIs"

Note: Please download the above file after payment screen or by checking your email inbox for an email from KML

What People Are Saying:

I was busy to prepare all the KPI information, this service was excellent and the information was related to what I needed

John Nider

The KPI scorecard was fully loaded, I just made few changes and added the targets. Also, I liked the way the file was designed, easy to use, can filter the data, and well organized.

Dave Sadki