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Certified Objectives & Key Results Professional (COKRP) Direct Exam


Thank you for your interest to take COKRP direct exam. Please find below the exam details and instructions:

  1. Pay for the exam by credit card or PayPal account (on the right)
  2. Click the EXAM LINK in the email that you will receive after checkout and REGISTER for the exam (or using the screen after checkout)

  3. Fill in your NAME EXACTLY as you wish to show it on certificate

  4. Enter your EMAIL to get the certificate by email (check junk box)

  5. Take the 1-HOUR exam which includes 34 multi-choice questions

  6. Need 70% PASS RATE or 24 questions correct to pass the exam

  7. If you do not pass, go over the course MATERIALS (PDF before exam start screen)

  8. Exam TIME will be opened for 14 days after 1st attempt is completed (4 attempts allowed)

For any support and inquiry please contact us at [email protected]