3 key concepts of business success

Feb 17, 2023

When it comes to business success, there are three key concepts that are often discussed: Corporate performance management (CPM), Strategy execution and HR appraisals.

But what is the difference between these three concepts, and how do they work together to drive business success?

Corporate performance management (CPM) is the process of tracking and managing an organization's performance to achieve its strategic goals. It involves collecting and analyzing data, setting performance targets, and taking corrective action to improve performance.

Strategy execution is the process of implementing an organization's strategic plan. It involves aligning the organization's resources and systems with its goals, and ensuring that the plan is executed effectively and efficiently.

HR appraisals are periodic evaluations of an employee's performance and potential. They involve setting performance goals, providing feedback and support, and conducting formal evaluations to assess an employee's progress towards these goals.

Together, these three concepts work to ensure that an organization is on track to achieve its strategic goals.

 CPM provides the data and insights needed to develop and execute a strategic plan, while strategy execution provides the framework and processes for implementing the plan. HR appraisals help to engage and motivate employees, and ensure that they are aligned with the organization's goals.

 kippy.cloud brings the three concepts together with a proven methodology that has repeatedly shown to result in successful strategy executions - and avoid the common pitfalls, which sometimes include disjointed approaches, or needlessly over-complicating things.

Adherence to the methodology is facilitated by kippy's software which helps you with those three concepts. For:

a) Corporate performance management (CPM) - easily define and capture your KPIs and projects

b) Strategy execution - align those KPIs to your key strategic corporate objectives, which cascade down your organisation to the objectives of every department, team and employee

c) HR appraisals - appraise each employee on:

- the performance of the corporate objectives, KPIs and projects that they and their teams are responsible for 

- the performance of their pre-agreed individual objectives, KPIs, projects and OKRs

- the subjective appraisals by their line manager of their core (job related) competencies

All this, gives a holistic view of each employee, team, department, objective and strategic endeavour - all on beautiful, interactive, user-friendly, always-live dashboards and apps.

The graphic below shows a simple process to introduce this to your organisation. 

Sign-up now to immediately start entering you data and go-live within just a few days. 

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