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1 | KPI Scorecards & Databases

KML provides many functional KPI databases and customized pre-populated scorecards for a specific position. The KPI database covers multiple functions in the same departments. The scorecard includes performance reporting with already designed KPI calculation formulas with Red/Yellow/Green colors, and KPI results.

Explore KPIs Complete Sets

KPI Functional Databases

Enjoy the detailed KPI databases for many functional areas within the organization. Save efforts and time.

KPI Positions Scorecards

This option is for professionals who are looking for a pre-populated detailed KPI scorecard for a specific position.

2 | Certified Professional Courses

KML provided on-demand, onsite, and live remote training for professionals in 150+ countries. KML offers five certified professional courses (CKPIP, CSP, CPMP, CBSCP, and COKRP). The cost is usually varies based on the used channel. This is the most popular option that requires minimal budget, little time, and flexible for busy professionals.

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Take the course at your pace. Watch the videos at your comfort zone. Take the practices quizzes and download resources. Includes certification professional exam fee.


Book our trainer to provide training at your company premises to you and your colleagues. Enjoy customized discussion. Includes certification professional exam fee.

Live Zoom

Register in our live courses for two or three days. Enjoy the courses at your desk with students from all over the world. Includes certification professional exam fee.

3 | KML Consultancy Services

Our innovative strategy and performance consulting services are designed and delivered by subject matter experts who are competent in providing solutions relevant to the client and applicable to today’s business challenges. We assisted 500+ public & private organizations in developing their strategies & improving their performance.

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Onsite Consultancy

For complex projects were special attention is needed at premium budget and higher client engagement

Remote Consultancy

Leading the project remotely by supporting client existing team members who do most activities

Service Offerings

We offer better strategy and performance services during shorter timelines for competitive prices

KPI Assessment

Send us your KPIs set or scorecards to analyze, improve, and send back to you quickly at minimal budget

4 | KML Coaching Services

The coaching option could be great for individuals or small group who would like ad-hoc support for example in developing and executing their strategy. KML offers two coaching packages (1 session or 5 sessions). The personal and corporate benefits of coaching are wide-ranging and can positively impact an individual’s career and work products.

Explore Coaching

Corporate Documents

Get our expert opinion and proposed improvements on strategic plans, KPIs, and performance management documents 

Career Development 

Plan your strategy and performance career the right way. Get our expert tips on how to fast-track your professional development

Technical Advice

Solve your most critical issues, challenges and problems faster. Our expert advice could save you time, effort, and money

5 | KPI Mega Library Free Phone APPs

KML offered 36,000 KPIs Free Smart Phone APPs to 50,000s professionals globally at no charge (English version). This is part of KML's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. The purpose of this APP is to give a quick and effective access to the most appropriate measure. The KPIs are categorized in a logical and alphabetical order to measure any function in any industry or sector.


Organization KPIs

11,000 KPIs | 32 Industries | 385 Functions

Government KPIs

12,000 KPIs | 32 Sectors | 457 Functions

International KPIs

13,000 KPIs | 24 Topics | 39 Sources

6 | KPI Mega Library Books

Today, KML books are sold in 45+ countries. In 2010, KML published "KPI Mega Library: 17,000 KPIs" that became an Amazon-best selling book. KML contribution to the body of knowledge increased with another version of 36,000 KPIs. To close the strategy gap "Strategy: planning and execution from A to Z" guide book was published to help professionals to plan and execute their strategies successfully. (subscribe and download a free eBook below)

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Strategy Planning & Execution From A To Z Guide Book


KPI Mega Library: 36,000 Key Performance Indicators

World's Most Comprehensive KPI List

KPI Mega Library: 17,000 Key Performance Indicators

World's 2nd Most Comprehensive KPI List

7 | KML Templates & Tools

KML team designed innovative strategy and performance management templates. KML templates are used by many organizations worldwide. These templates scope covers BSC, projects management, employee performance, maturity assessment, and Kaizen. Save time and effort and put these tools to work for you instantly ...

Explore Templates & Tools

Strategy & Performance Tools

Build your strategy using pre-populated templates and present performance results effectively

KPI Guide, BSC & OKR Templates

Complete scorecards and dashboards in minutes with build-in KPI and perspectives results formulas

Project & Appraisal Templates

Track projects and milestones clearly with budget and risks. Appraise your employees periodically

8 | Kippy.cloud System

Today, Kippy cloud is used by 1000s of organizations in all continents. It is an innovative and effective system to manage strategy, performance, employee appraisals, projects, tasks, and internal communication in one place. It takes one minute to signup online and one week to fully setup and automate the process. 14 days free to get you going ...

Explore Kippy.Cloud


Manage your strategy vision, mission, objectives and perspectives at all levels including drill down

KPI Module

Develop, approve, and monitor KPIs for all teams using friendly dashboards and scorecards

Project Module

Creates, assign, and track your projects and milestones in minutes including budget spending

HR Appraisals 

Collaborate with employees using task management, 360 assessment, appraisals, and acknowledgement

9 | Direct Exams &  Self-Assessment

If you are a strategy and performance professional, take the exam directly to be certified. For businesses, assess your organization's strategy and performance management maturity level online to know where are your organization gaps, put a plan to address them, and follow up with implementation. Get your total score and sub-categories scores instantly and by email. 

Explore Assessment

Organization Maturity Self-Assessment

For businesses, KML self-assessment to measure maturity level for planning and performance management is a great tool to get a detailed gap report.

Professional Certification Direct Exams

For strategy and performance professionals who would like to skip the course and take the exam directly. Download the materials, review them, and take the exam.

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