Strategy, KPIs, performance management, project management, employee appraisal, task management, collaboration all in one place

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Manage your strategy vision, mission, objectives and perspectives at all levels including drill down

KPI Module

Develop, approve, and monitor KPIs for all teams using friendly dashboards and scorecards

Project Module

Creates, assign, and track your projects and milestones in minutes including budget spending

HR Appraisals 

Collaborate with employees using task management, 360 assessment, appraisals, and acknowledgement

Put your corporate strategy at the heart of everything your teams do

Used by 1000's of organizations across the world. Available in over 100 languages. Zero-code integrations with all existing tools. Align every metric, person and activity, to your organization's most important objectives.



Top features

  • Vision, mission, values
  • Objectives and perspectives
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Performance management
  • KPI tracking and monitoring
  • Scorecards and drill down
  • Executive summary analysis
  • Trends and comparison analysis
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Top features

  • Projects and milestones tracking
  • Project budget management
  • Risk and mitigation plans
  • Gantt charts and graphs
  • Data locking and controls
  • Microapps and voice control
  • User access management
  • Wheel and nodes analysis 

HR Appraisals

Top features

  • Employee periodical appraisals 
  • 360 feedback/acknowledgment
  • Collaboration and alerts
  • Task and activity management
  • Competencies management
  • Teams/organization structure
  • 9-box grid staff comparison
  • HR and users reports
More Features ...

WatchĀ recorded demoĀ 

A great introduction on how to manage your Strategy, Objectives, KPIs and Projects. Watch thisĀ 35 minute English-language demo.Ā Setup in minutes. Cascade as you go. Free strategy, KPI, and product training included.


'Best value'

"kippy thinks like a consultant and acts like an excellent executor. Delivering the best value in aligning the strategy with all parts in the organisation"

Parsh S. - Sr. Executive (India)

FMCG - Used for 3+ years

'Amazing support'

"Improves small company's effort to grow into a big company. Amazing support. Easy KPI monitoring. Visual connection to performance of each team"

Salah S. - Senior IT (KSA)

Manufacturing - Used for 2+ years

'Easy to implement'

"Best software in this category. Pricing and ease of implementation. Proper linkage between strategy and performance appraisal"ā€‹

Marciano - Director (Brazil)

Telecommunications - Used for 4+ years.

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