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Corporate Documents

Get our expert opinion and proposed improvements on strategic plans, KPIs, and performance management documents 

Career Development 

Plan your strategy and performance career the right way. Get our expert tips on how to fast-track your professional development

Technical Advice

Solve your most critical issues, challenges and problems faster. Our expert advice could save you time, effort, and money

Why work with KML?

We specialize in strategy and performance management only. We set the innovation standard by offering advanced strategy and performance knowledge, tools, books, phone APPs, and cloud system.

Our clients

We helped clients in all continents to grow their businesses. We work with small, medium and large employers to build great strategies and execute them successfully.

We can help you with:

  • An evaluation of your strategy, performance, KPIs, and used tools.
  • An assessment of your strategy methodology strengths and gaps.
  • Performance culture analysis and leadership team effectiveness.
  • Improve strategy development plans and career assessments.
  • Data insights to help you build an efficient performance eco-system.

KML coaching benefits for professionals

If you’ve ever been in a coaching relationship, you know that there are many benefits to being a part of the process. The personal and corporate benefits of coaching are wide-ranging and can positively impact an individual’s career and work products. This process can help develop professionals across a wide range of needs and can even benefit them on a personal level. KML coaching service has been known to boost confidence, improve work performance, and build effective strategic skills.

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KML coaching package for continues improvement

This option could be great for individuals or small group who would like ad-hoc support for example in developing and executing their strategy. In the first session, we establish the foundations and discuss current situation and provide next steps to completed by them. The next four sessions will be to follow up with the planned steps while refining them on the way.

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Dr. Rachad Baroudi Profile

Dr. Rachad Baroudi is is a leading international strategy consultant in the USA, Canada, and the MENA region with 29 years experience KPI development, strategic planning, and performance management. He is currently the CEO for KPI Mega Library. He holds a PhD focused on "Strategic Planning: Critical Factors for Successful Implementation“. In addition, he has MBA with high honors from University of Toledo, Ohio, USA. He is a Magna Cum Laude holder and Beta Gamma Sigma honoree.

In the USA, he worked with the private sector as a consultant for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Institute and as a chief auditor for Holiday Inn Corporation, followed by aerospace industry, where he worked for world-leaders in this field, Aeroquip Corporation and Array Systems.

In Canada, he worked with Honda of Canada Manufacturing for eight years by refining their planning and performance capabilities. Also, he helped developing short- and long-term strategic plans for Honda of North America operations.

In MENA region, he was an executive director at EY. He co-established MENA strategy advisory practice for Ernst and Young (Big 4) were he assisted 100+ public and private organizations in developing their strategic plans and performance management frameworks. He worked as a senior advisor for central governments including KSA (vision 2030), UAE Executive Council (vision 2021 and vision 2030), and Oman Supreme Planning Council (vision 2040)

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KML Remote Consultancy Projects

If you have your own team and only require on-going and ad-hoc support, check our Remote Consultation projects.

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