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Strategy & Performance Maturity Online Self-Assessment | EN


Thank you for your interest in KML Organization Strategy and Performance Management Maturity Online Self-Assessment



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  • The self-assessment results depends fully on your answers to the questions. KML is not liable or responsible for the results.


1. Strategic Planning:
  1.1 Strategic Direction
  1.2. Strategy Formulation
  1.3. Strategic Alignment
  1.4. Strategy Governance
  1.5. Strategy Review

2. Performance Management
  2.1. KPIs Selection
  2.2. KPIs Documentation
  2.3. Target Setting
  2.4. Data Collection
  2.5. KPIs Governance

3. Reporting & Monitoring
  3.1. Data Analytics
  3.2. Performance Reports
  3.3. Initiatives Management
  3.4. Decision Making
  3.5. Performance Governance

4. Capabilities & Learning
  4.1. Leadership & Communication
  4.2. Innovation
  4.3. Learning & Development
  4.4. Rewards & Appraisals
  4.5. Change Management

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Hall of Fame Award:

If your company would like to participate in KML "Hall of Fame Award". 75% min. score is required. All questions need to be supported by documents to be sent to us. Payment of $180 to be paid later for validation process. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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