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Certified Performance Management Professional (CPMP)

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This Course Includes

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  • Templates Package worth $49

  • Total study time 6.5 hours

  • Course lectures in 29 videos

  • Many other gifts (see below)



The purpose of this Certified Performance Management Professional (CPMP) course is to highlight the elements of performance management that lead to an effective and efficient organizational performance. This course will provide a strong foundation in deploying performance management by developing the next generation of performance experts. They will form the basis of the organization performance measurement capability.

In addition, this obtained performance knowledge will help you in understanding, establishing, activating, reporting and generating value by using KPIs across the organization. By completing this course, you will gain both the theoretical understanding and practical experience of using a variety of performance management tools and techniques.

Free Gifts

10 FREE GIFTS like TEMPLATES, PHONE APP, BOOK, CERTIFICATION & SYSTEM are included with this master course: (With explanation during the course)

  • "KPI Mega Library" Phone APP with 36,000 KPIs

  • Kippy Cloud system (For strategy, KPIs, projects, & appraisals)

  • Balanced Scorecards template with dashboards (Excel) x 2

  • Projects template with dashboards (Excel)

  • HR appraisal template with individual KPIs (Excel)

  • Quarterly performance review meeting template (PPT)

  • Strategy & KPI Terminologies for future use (PDF)

  • Kaizen Initiative Template and process (Excel)

  • "Strategy Planning & Execution From A to Z" eBook

  • Strategy development & alignment template (PPT)


Performance Management  |  Strategy Execution  |  Performance & Strategy Framework  |  Balanced Scorecard  |  Employee Performance  |  Key Performance Indicators  |  KPIs Polarity, Types, & Documentation  |  Target Setting Methods  |  Reports Design  |  Reporting Process  |  Review Meeting  |  Reporting IT System  |  Cash & Non-Cash Rewards  |  Kaizen Reward Program

“Your Complete Tool Set for Successful Performance Management Implementation”

What People Are Saying:

The experience is so far very rewarding. Content well presented. The videos are very clear. And the substance awakening.

Cleophas Mutundu A.

Yes. The program is digging deep into the subject of Performance Management but with ease and flow.

Mariya J.

This course is designed so well that definitely helped me to understand the PMS activities.

Sibashree M.

Enjoyed the information, will be able to use it in future with my current and future roles. Thanks!

Danielle D.

Excellent Course that this very informative, rich, and comprehensive, I would recommend it for anyone who wants to implement Balanced Scorecard in his/her organization in a methodical way. The learner will be able to learn and implement the knowledge on the spot through the links provided. This makes this course the best since it enables the learner to grasp both the knowledge and skill required for performance management related to BSC. Thanks so much Dr. Rachad Baroudi for such a wonderful course.

Mohammad T.

This course is full of essential information in performance management and KPI. I recommend this course for my colleagues.

Badamjargal M.

Very interesting and well presented on how to set KPIs basing on the objectives of the organization.Also how we can measures those objectives has helped me in my current position.

Emanuel M.